28 October 2009

Thank you to these lovely sites for featuring or sharing
some of my crafts! It is a always a great joy 
and such an honor.

*   *   *

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  1. The International Children’s Gallery is a new online art gallery for displaying the artwork of children aged 0-13 years - a dedicated space for showcasing the imagination and creativity of our gorgeous little children, at home and at school

    Until now, the gallery has been open to kids in Ireland only. Created by Irish mom Michelle McInerney of MollyMoo.ie, out of a love for the joy and innocence of her own 5 year old daughter's drawings, the international gallery has now been born.

    Ariana I would dearly love your Crow Rooster Crow help to spread the word so that every child’s voice is heard – no matter what the language.

    Sincere Thanks


I read and cherish all of your comments! It really feels like such an honor that you stopped by this little space of mine. Thank you so much! Cheers!

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