01 December 2009

Blooms In Winter.


Paper white (Narcissus) bulbs are such a wonderful, winter treat.  Just when the last of the green grass is gone, and the stubborn dandelion seems to have lost it's fight to the cold, we are able to bring a little bit of summer back into our homes. I often buy a handful of bulbs as soon as they are available at the local garden store, and force them into bloom for as long as possible.  It is such a delight to watch the bulb's roots take hold of their supporting stones, to see the long, green tendril grow out of the top, and finally, to witness the buds burst open and flower.  

One of the things I like most about forcing bulbs, is finding interesting vessels to put them in.  They really are happy in any sort of container as long as there is no drainage.  I have put them in old tin coffee cans, tall glass canning jars and in vases.  
Once in bloom they let off a lovely floral smell as well!  I will share some pictures as these bulbs grow.
 h a p p y  d e c e m b e r !


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  1. When they just opened up here, the smell was almost too strong. Too much of a good thing.
    Nonetheless, I'm a fan too.


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