08 December 2009

Vintage Storage For Little Things.


It is always nice to find new ways of using old things.  Whether it is taking an old, beloved shirt and using it for it's fabric, making a garland out of scrap paper, or, as in this case, using vintage kitchen finds for storing office supplies.  It just feels good.  When I finally I had a proper piece of furniture that I could use as a desk, I instantly set to work on organizing all of these wee things I had gathered over the years.  It is a wonderfully economical way of giving things a new home.
1. These are two vintage, wood egg cups from Italy.  I thought it was such a steel when they were both sold to me for $4.  They each came with a little wool hat for keeping the cooked eggs warm . The two are so clearly in love.  She seems to be gazing at him in her coy demeanor with her batting eye lashes no matter where I place them.  They work so nicely for holding things such as  matches or birthday candles.
2. These little tin molds are great for holding just about anything and are also very inexpensive.  One can usually find them being sold in a group.  I love how they are both rusty and a bit shiny all at once.  
3. I found this mini muffin tin at our local church tag sale for .50 and I love it a great deal.  When I have been in a necklace making faze it has been quite handy for holding different beads in each of its pouches.  Now, I use it for pins and needles, tape measures and clips.
4. These old blue and white teacups are so dainty and nice...maybe too nice for holding push pins.  Soon, when my son is ready for tea parties, we will use them in their proper way!


  1. Such pretty little things. I've come close to buying similar wood egg cups before - I love them!

  2. I love the necklace you made out of the milkweed. Natures colors are so beautiful this time of year!


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