17 December 2009

We Took To The Tropics.


As much as I like winter in New England, I must admit that in the past few days I have caught myself day dreaming about some warm tropical island just a wee bit.  It has been cold, cold, cold here and the idea of being sticky with sweat, smearing on sunscreen and having sand in the toes has felt rather inviting. Alas, we are here to stay! So, yesterday we got as close to going to a tropical island as we could.  We put on our winter coats and boots, jumped in the car and crossed the river to the lovely college greenhouse!

We saw purple flowers that were so full that they weighted down their stems, smelled the scent of blossoming jasmine, delighted in the colors of growing oranges, lemons and bananas, resisting the urge to pick one right then and there and devour it, saw swimming carp that were so large that their long whiskers tickled our finger tips and, perhaps most importantly, we felt warm.
Then, we put back on our constant hat and coat companions and headed back out into the winter of New England.  
The air felt cool, fresh, alive and yes, quite wonderful.

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