18 January 2010

lip balm.


This past weekend, here at Good Egg Farm, I started making lip balm.  It is really such a delightful thing to!  There is always something so satisfying about making something with your own two hands that you are accustomed to buying in a shop. Isn't there? Anyway, I strapped on my favorite apron and set to work.  I used this really wonderful book for a basic recipe and then made a few batches, each time adding a little more of one ingredient and a little less of another until I got the balm just as I wanted. I ordered my ingredients from here.  

The end results where quite nice even though I still may make some small changes in order to have a firmer balm. Most importantly it felt so comforting knowing exactly what went into making the product, where the ingredients came from and that is was made lovingly by hand and in small batches. It is good enough to eat which is an added bonus with a little lad who has taken to smearing on Mama's lip balm whenever possible.
Oh, and I was quite happy with the way the beet root powder added color.  The recipe did not call for it and I had never used it before so I just gave it a go. You can still see specks of it in the finished balm but once you put it on your lips it just blends right in adding just a tint of rosy pink.  


  1. Is Good Egg Farm lip balm available for the masses? Can we order it online? Or do we have to come up the mountain to get some? Love it....

  2. Looks so pretty! It really is nice to know what's in your lip balm. I have been a long time fan of Mountain Rose Herbs. They are a great resource.


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