17 May 2010

beans in a bag

Oh, these were quite fun to make! I love projects that can be completed in an hour or two (isn't that so satisfying?), that use up odd-shaped pieces of left over fabric, that little anxious hands can help with (they are so handy for stuffing in those beans!) and that are fun for that very same little person to play with when they are all sewn up and done. They have such a nice old-timey feel to them. Fabric and beans. What could be more simple? They are wonderful for tossing and balancing on the head too! We made a few extra and bundled them up as a gift for another special little person. I hope he has as much fun with them as we have!

n o t e :: We made ours to be 4x4 inches which ended up being just the right size for a two-year-old hand. 


  1. love these. we recently made some filled with beans, and others filled with rice and lavender. so much fun to play with! I love your photos!

  2. Just great, my children loved bean bags, cheers Marie

  3. Love the fabrics you chose!!!! (and the beautiful pictures)

  4. I like! I like! I wish I could sew!

  5. Colby loves them very much! Thank you!

  6. perfect! i have been meaning to make some for a while (um, since christmas!!) and now seeing these pretty ones, i will, i definitely definitely will!


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