11 May 2010

t i p i

We made this little tipi last summer and just put it out again on a grassy knoll outside of our home. It is made from pin cherry saplings and some thick twine. I had a few yards of fabric that we used to cover it up so that it can really be a proper hiding spot. 
My little son loves nooks and crannies to hide in. His favorite by far is a grouping of Mountain Laurel that we pass each day as we walk through the woods. He discovered it when he was just old enough to explore a bit on his own through the rocky terrain. Even with its bare winter branches he would delight in going underneath it and now it is almost magical as his little house grows a roof out of bright green spring leaves. I think it is so lovely how young children find and love these special spots. What a comforting way in which to watch the world go by. How nice to be able to take some Mountain Laurel or simple saplings and call them home. Yes, I think that surely we should all have a nook in which to find respite and to peek out at the world as we choose!

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  1. What a great tipi...that's a project that's been on my to do list for way too long a time...I love the simplicity of yours...finally it looks do-able! Thank you thank you!


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