21 June 2010

a sweet, sweet thank you!

Thanks to Amy at a Sweet Sweet Life for sharing some of my photographs and for her very kind words about this little blog of mine! It was such an honor and meant a great deal to me. If you have yet to visit her space go on over there! It is full of wonderful ideas and delightful finds and you will leave feeling mighty happy and sweet indeed! 

I know that donuts don't have much to do with a thank you except that they are very sweet too! They are from our tiny, pink-signed, local bakery and every once in a little while I delight in one of them fresh and warm from the oven and oozing with delicious raspberry jam. Heavenly!

And finally...it is with great happiness, sand in our toes, sun-kissed cheeks, towels heavy with lake water, chirping crickets and strawberry popsicle lip stick, that I wish you all a:: 

happy, happy summer solstice!

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