16 July 2010

There is such a bounty of good things to eat here in July. Our counters are full of fruits and vegetables still warm from the sun. They are ready to be baked into tarts and chopped into salads or eaten just as they are. It is always with the first bite of corn, dripping with melted butter and glistening with sea salt, that it feels as though summer is really here. The air is heavy and still and we move just a bit slower. We find pockets of water wherever we can and stay out of doors long after the dinner table has been cleared. What a gift this season is. What a celebration of life's simple pleasures. It seems at times we only need to push our hands into soil and pull out a plump orange carrot to feel as though all is well with the world. 


  1. Mother Nature is indeed wonderful in all her bounty. cheers Marie

  2. Really fantastic photos. You have a great eye.


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