23 September 2010

There are signs of fall everywhere. One needn't look very hard to find them anymore. Even though I feel a bit wistful for the long, hot days of summer, the beauty of this season makes it so much easier to move forward. We can hear the geese overhead flying south, and the loud rustling of leaves as the busy woodland creatures ready for the cold months ahead. There are squash and pumpkins to devour, apples to pick and make into pies and sauces, there is wood to be stacked and woolens to wash. There is so much to be done during this lovely season and on this first day of celebrating the fall. 


  1. Oh how I agree! I was not ready to give up the swimming and sunshine and garden. But I'm looking forward to apple-picking at the farm, cozy fires, soups and roasts, walks in the woods, sweaters and scarves. Cheers to Fall!

  2. Breath-taking photos remind me of just why I am actually ready for fall! Love your blog, btw, and have given it an award at The Green Phone Booth.

  3. such wonderful colourful joyful photographs. it's rainy here, now. but i long for those golden days that Autumn does so well.

  4. These photos make me miss Leverett so much! So beautiful...


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