15 November 2010

so lovely & i'm still here.

Oh goodness, it has been quite awhile since my last post! It always feels so nice to take a break from the old computer, and although we have had many wonderful adventures I have just felt like leaving the camera behind. It is good to do that sometimes! Our days are so short now and we have been busy getting things ready for the winter: stacking wood, washing woolens, and being outside when the sun is still out and shining. Anyway, I couldn't resist sharing some lovely things I have seen on Etsy in the past little while. There are just so many talented folks who have their work there! I know it is not the most original thing to post about but I must say that seeing these things all together, in one place, makes me quite happy indeed! Maybe I will need to share some more things soon. I hope you like them too and that this finds you all well!
1. Delilah Merry Mobile
2. Paper Puppet Sheep
3. 2011 Mini Wall Calendar
4. Sewing Kit
5. Linen Pin Cushion

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