21 January 2011

snow & ice & rosy cheeks

Finally, it really feels like winter is here. I had begun to worry a bit when we could still see fall's grass in the middle of December. We are supposed to have snow here in New England after all! And then it came! Big, white snow flakes adding up inch by inch on the frozen ground below. It felt like my childhood again when the snow would be so clean and white and abundant that we would fill pie plates with it and pour maple syrup on top.  Anyway, the snow came, and then the rain which turned to a thick layer of ice on the newly fallen snow. It looked like our town had been covered in creme brulee. Before the ice came we made this fat, jolly snowman. I had some extra beet powder which I like to use to give a bit of color to some lip balm I make. I mixed a pinch with some water and put it in a spray bottle. It worked well, even though I got a little carried away and forgot that the color would spread out in the snow.  I think it adds a nice, lively touch. It is, after all, the little things that matter.

Wishing you all the loveliest of weekends.


  1. That's a very charming snowman...I love his rosy cheeks. It finally snowed here where I live too. =)Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Those pink cheeks are delightful. Such a cool idea. It makes it look like there is a lifeblood within! Love it! x

  3. What an adorable snowman.... or -woman?
    Wish you wonderful days with lots of snow and rosy cheeks!

  4. I officially have snowman envy now :)!


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