28 April 2011

natural dyeing

We dyed this cloth alongside a batch of white eggs for Easter. The eggs didn't work quite as I had planned but the cloth was quite nice. For the blueberry dye, we put some frozen blueberries in a bowl, covered them with hot water and let them steep. For the tea dyes, we just put tea bags in bowls and and let them sit in hot water too. We added a bit of white vinegar to each batch to help the color set and then left the cloth in until they were dyed to a color we liked. It is always nice when mistakes become something new and exciting, isn't it? It is a good thing to remember.

P.s. THIS is a good book on natural dyeing!


  1. This is so interesting! How does the fabrics take machine wash?
    I have taken textile chemistry at college. Don't remember much, but we did some dyeing and I have also dyed a lot on my own. With plants from nature, like beech leaves and wool, silk and cotton with chemical colors.
    I have learnt that if you dye plant fibers, you need salt (alcalic) to make the color set. -And vinegar for silk and wool. Did your book tell you to use vinegar for cotton?

  2. these are so beautiful! i think i'll give these a try! x

  3. Hi Unni!
    I hope you are well!
    I don't think I would put these in the machine to wash. I had actually made the batches of dye for some white Easter eggs (which is why I used vinegar!) but when they didn't come out like I had planned I just put in some white linen that I had instead. I also did natural dyeing in school with marigold, indigo and black walnut. Yes, you are right! My book did suggest salt for cotton (and iron oxide)! What a good memory you have!
    Do share if you do some dyeing, okay?
    Be well!

  4. These are beautiful...such lovely colors! I've been seeing a lot of natural dyeing around the blogosphere.I'm very interested in trying this out. Thanks for the book recommendation...it's on my amazon wish list. Hope this finds you well.


  5. I have to try this...I just love the look of natural dyes--they have a depth I cannot explain but it makes my heart go pitterpatter

  6. Beautiful! So simple and delightful.


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