04 May 2011

There's a new little word up there in my header, design! 

I have so enjoyed gathering images of interior spaces, children's clothing and products, art and all sorts of lovely things on my tumblr page that I have decided to add it into my blog space here. So, whenever the spirit moves me I will share something that I have stumbled upon that I love. It might just be a picture with no words but I will always be sure to link back to the place where I first saw the image. 

Although this won't become a design blog (I would still like to share crafts and photos as well!) I thought it would be a nice way of keeping this space active as our days of crafting indoors by the warm fire have slowly ended and we spend more and more time out in the dirt and fresh air. 

I also want to say that in sharing these images I am not trying to promote the idea of going out and buying lots of new things. In truth, I really do feel that less is often times more. That if we are able and lucky enough to spend a bit more on one, beautifully made object or piece of clothing that we will mend over the years and pass down from one to another, it is better than buying many inexpensive, disposable goods. It seems that many of the things that I find really beautiful are often quite expensive (and rightly so!). I share them more as pieces of art work or little bits of inspiration more than anythings else. 

Anyway, maybe that is too many words just to say that I hope you like this new little addition to this space. 

All the best,



  1. A thing of Beauty, is indeed a joy forever, cheers Marie

  2. i am looking forward to all of the beauty you will share.

  3. Marie:: That just might be the loveliest comment ever. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you have been up too! a.

    Thanks my dear Emily too! Can't wait to see you soon!


I read and cherish all of your comments! It really feels like such an honor that you stopped by this little space of mine. Thank you so much! Cheers!

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