25 June 2011

little notes.

1. For some time now I have been meaning to post about the new line of tote bags from The New Domestic. I don't read many blogs but this space is one I have been visiting for some time now. Nerissa and Peter have such a keen eye and their graphic design sense makes me swoon. Anyway, a little while back they launched an online shop for their bags and I wanted to spread the word a bit for them (in whatever small way I may!) So, go take a peek if you are so inclined! 
The New Domestic
2. I have many new images on my tumblr page. Ah, it is so fun to see the things I love all in one place. 
3. If you find any Yard Bombing in your town I would love if you would take a picture and leave a link here! It would be so fun to see.
4. I love Saipua
5. Hooray to New York for joining our little state in approving gay marriage.
6. Would you take a look at that! Did I just do three posts in one week? Well, I never!
6. Happy weekend to you all!

* image from here.

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