30 August 2011


We have our very own Charlotte. She lives amongst our flowering thyme and mint and rosemary. I can only imagine how lovely her house smells when the breeze whisks all of those herby delights her way. 
The hurricane, Miss Irene, blew her house apart, but the next morning, when the sun was back and shinning bright, there she was again. She had rebuilt her home thread by thread and tucked herself right back into it's middle. I find her quite inspirational. I can only hope that all those affected by the storm will be able to slowly rebuild their homes and livelihoods as well. Thread by thread, thread by thread. 


  1. Ah, if people were as sustainable as other living creatures... Glad you are fine after Irene.

  2. Yes...we are fine. Our neighboring towns were not so lucky. Spiders are quite amazing, aren't they? I hope this finds you well too and thanks for dropping by, as always! Be well! a.

  3. Beautiful photos! She is quite inspirational!

  4. Thank you, Annette! And thank you for coming by as well! Al the best, a.


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