23 February 2012

baked oats

In my on going quest to find new oat recipes for breakfast I stumbled upon this one for baked oats. Of course, I ended up getting the cookbook from which it is from and it is full of many more dishes for me to try (It's been added to my cookbook list in the sidebar). We used chopped almonds instead of walnuts which was very nice. I can imagine eating the oats with a dollop of thick greek yogurt or fancy creme fraiche and yesterday I brought home some coconut milk and thought I might just try baking the oats in it. When I make it for a weekday breakfast I find it helpful to have all of the dry ingredients mixed together the night before so I can rather quickly assemble the whole dish. It is so easy but needs to bake for about 35 minutes which can feel like a long wait for hungry bellies!


  1. It looks really good.
    But I actually don't know what oats is. It looks like some sort of cereals wich is mixed with something and baked in the oven?

  2. Hi Unni!
    Oats are a whole grain that are very high in fiber and iron. They can be made into a million delicious baked goods or simply cooked on their own with some milk and butter and syrup.
    Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see what you have been up too!
    All the best,


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