19 November 2009

The Fabulous Garlands.

Maybe I just have a warm spot for the name Sophie.  A dear high school friend, a lovely 8-year-old neighbor I have, a woman I barely knew, but always liked, while living in the south for a time, all Sophie's.  So, it did not surprise me when I was drawn to yet another Sophie, this time, a woman I surely do not know but whose work I just simply adore.  

Sophie Cuvelier, is from Nimes, France and makes lovely, lovely garlands. They are crafted out of handmade paper and sewn onto cotton cording.  

And really, does it get any better then a Sophie with paint splattered shoes?
{all images via sophiecuvelier.com}

p.s. These garlands inspired me to cut out many, many pieces of felt I had around the house.  I thought I would try my hand at sewing them onto thread with a sewing machine.  Alas, here they sit, but, seeing these images again makes me want to have a go at it.  We will see! 

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  1. What a wonderful way to add color to a home during the long days of winter!


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