03 December 2009

A Child's Christmas In Wales.


A few years ago, when my sister gifted me with, 'A Child's Christmas In Wales' by Dylan Thomas, I fell instantly in love with it. Although I had read the prose before, there was something about this version, with it's lovely woodcuts by Ellen Raskin and bound in a little, square, blue book that was particularly charming. My belly was big with baby too, and I found the words to be so comforting, good and true.

As the back of this little book says so perfectly, 'A Child's Christmas In Wales', "captures a child's-eye view, and an adult's fond remembrance, of a magical time of presents, good things to eat, aunts and uncles, the frozen sea, and, in the best of circumstances, newly-fallen snow-its wonder, silence and snowball mischief".
It really is such a wonderful book to read during this month of December, curled up on the couch, wool throw on the lap and a cup of hot chocolate kept warm by a blanket of marshmallows.

Dylan Thomas, with his infamous voice, recorded the story as well.  I am eager to find a copy of the record and listen to it this winter...with hot coco in hand, of course!



  1. I'm glad you like the little book! That record cover is equally beautiful. Too bad he drank himself to death...

  2. Perhaps he should have stuck with the hot coco....


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