28 January 2010

little heart garland kit.

To make your little heart garland kit you will need: a length of twine (or strong yarn), two push pins (these wood ones are nice), some felt hearts (as many as you like!) tied with a loop of embroidery thread and a pouch to put them all in.

You can make the pouch however you would like!  I used a muslin tea bag that I had.  You can usually buy them in packs of 2 or 4 at your local tea and coffee shop or at health food stores.  If you want to buy them in bulk you can order them here.  To start, tie off the bags draw string and snip of the extra thread. Then, sew a button on the front of the bag, on the bottom and in the center.

Next, take some embroidery thread (it should be long enough that you can wrap it around the button a couple of times to keep the pouch shut), tie a large knot in one end and bring it through one side of the top of the bag.  If you would like, you can stitch a felt heart to the end. Put the push pins, twine and felt hearts into the pouch and give it to a loved one!  When they open it up they can string the hearts onto the twine and find a special spot for it!

e n j o y !


  1. This is a really cute Valentine's Day gift idea and I like that it is snail mail friendly too! Makes me want to eat some Necco conversation hearts...

  2. Will be making some of these for friends for sure - sweetest V-day garland I've found so far!
    Thanks -

  3. Beautiful. I have cut out my hearts. What do you suggest is the easiest way to tie the embroidery string onto them? I would love them to look as well done as yours.


  4. Hi Lindsay! Oh, just tie a small length of embroidery thread onto your needle and bring in through the top of the heart. Cut the thread to the length you like and tie the two ends together into a knot. I hope that is helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions! I am sure they will be lovely! Hope you are well! Cheers...a

  5. Love this....so pretty. I love the little bag you made to keep the hearts in.

  6. How have I not seen your blog before? Very lovely. I will have to tuck this idea away for next year....

  7. Love this garland...so pretty...gonna do this with my 6th class in Ireland. Love your blog!!
    Mary :)

  8. The Katie Brown Workshop loves your garland! We made some for our work space and reposted it on our blog and Facebook. So cute! http://katiebrownblog.com/simple-valentines-day-for-kids/


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