30 August 2010

country fair

The tips of the maple trees are turning yellow and orange and red and then wistfully floating down to the still warm ground below. Now, when we take our daily walk through the forest, there is the new sound of fallen leaves, pine cones and freshly opened hickory nuts. The chipmunks are eagerly filling their plump cheeks and readying for the cold months ahead. Our hens are finding their roosts earlier and earlier in the evening. As much as I love the cooler months of New England I am not quite ready to let summer go. Luckily, we are having a toasty hot week that almost makes it feel like July is newly upon us. We are holding on to summer for a little while longer, going to a country fair, picking sunflowers from the garden, running through the cold spray of the sprinkler and heading, one more time to camp on the beach and be reunited with the water. 


  1. Great images...I can almost smell the hotdogs and candyfloss from here.

  2. What cool photos of the fair. cheers Marie

  3. Wow, amazing shots!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :-)

  4. Awesome photographs!!!! I want to gooble those carmel apples... so bright and sweet. We can always spot a blogger-photographer in a public place because they are taking pictures of everything that normal folks aren't!!!


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