28 March 2011

egg in a basket with a jam heart

I think eggs in a basket are pretty darn brilliant. Who came up with the idea anyway? The bread gets all buttery and perfectly crisp as it toasts in a skillet on the stovetop. I love how the egg yolk breaks and sends a river of yellow to moisten the toast just at the right moment. Recently, I have been cutting a whole in the bread with different shaped cookie cutters and it makes me smile each time. Sometimes it's just the little things, isn't it? I like to spread a bit of jam on the cut out piece of toast which add just a hint of sweetness for a finishing touch!


  1. Oh, I am so glad you like this idea! Let me know if you ever make them! Hope this finds you well and thanks for stopping by! All the best, a

  2. mmm....my favorite! I treat myself to eggs in a basket at least once a week. Although, mine certainly don't ever look this pretty!

  3. I just remembered how much you liked eggs in a basket! It reminds me of being little! I love you two! a


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