29 December 2009



One spends so much time planning for the holidays. What stews to simmer on the stove, what cakes to bake, what gifts to make and discover for the little ones.  We wait for family to arrive at the door. And then, so quickly, it is over and we slowly fall back into our daily rhythm. 
I love how we still have these lovely sweets still lingering in our home, reminding us of days spent decorating a tree, of lounging by a fire, of gathering around a table with family.  
P.s. The last photo is of peppermint bark which was gifted to us.  It is the first time I had ever had it and it really is quite a treat! I think next year I will try to make some too.


  1. Your photographs look delicious, especially the peppermint bark. :) My sister and I spent an entire day together baking before the Christmas holiday, and we just finished up the last of the sweets. I agree with you, the actual day of celebration goes by much too quickly. A very happy 2010 to you and yours!

  2. I love the perspective in all your images... soft and sweet and gorgeous


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