04 January 2010

wool. button. ribbon


Oh, I love being snowbound on Sundays! We have spent our day listening to good tunes, cooking good food and playing by the fire.  We have no where to be but here, together in our little home. Anyway, I thought I would share the craft I made for my sweet little nephew for Christmas.  Wool balls with a button and ribbon.  I learned to wet felt while in graduate school training to be a Waldorf kindergarten teacher.  It is such a lovely thing to do!  What better craft than one that involves wool, warm water and clean, soapy bubbles! It is a wonderful way to spend some time indoors when the days are short and cold and equally as nice on hot, sunny days out amongst the grass, sun and dandelions.  I love too that one must be so patient while felting, you really can't rush the process.  You just have to sit back and relax and help the wool along.  

Over the course of a few days (it is handy that you can just leave the felt wet from one day to the next as you work, picking up where you left off and taking as long as you need) I wet felted the balls and once they were completely dry I added on a button with some long ribbon.  I thought they would make a nice toy for a little one to roll, to pull on or chew to boot! 

The possibilities with wool are so endless. How amazing that it can be used to make something as large as a house or something as small and soft as a newborns first slippers.  I made the ones above a few years ago for a friends first child.
You can find lots of wonderful felting books and felting supplies here! Enjoy!

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  1. I've been wanting to try my hand at needle felting for the longest time. I have felted a hat that I knit by putting it in the washing machine. Your process is very interesting with such lovely results. I bet you had a very happy little nephew! And I never knew about the yurts. Fascinating! I hope your baby son's birthday is wonderful! I know what you mean about the bittersweet feelings.It is such a joy to watch them grow, but at the same time you want them to stay little for just a bit longer. Time really does slip away so fast. Enjoy every moment with your babe and thanks for your warm wishes.


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