10 February 2010


Maybe it is because my family keeps laying hens that I often have chickens, and eggs and all things related on my mind. We often start each morning with a sunny, yellow egg that we gathered from our hens the day before. It feels wholesome and hearty and tastes delicious to boot! So, in the spirit of those delightful eggs and in honor of our dear hens, here is a simple project of making a fried egg out of wool felt. The end result is a fun addition to a child's play kitchen!
You will need
one piece of 100% wool yellow felt
one piece of 100% wool white felt
yellow embroidery thread
white embroidery thread
a bit of wool stuffing
a few sewing pins
a large eyed sewing needle
a pair of scissors
To begin, trace two white circles out of the white felt.
Next, trace one smaller circle out of the yellow felt.
Cut out all three circles.
Pin the yellow circle onto one of the large white circles. It is nice if it is slightly off center as is the case with a real egg!
Now, using the blanket stitch, begin sewing the yellow circle onto the white circle. You will want to leave it slightly open so there is room to put a bit of the stuffing.

Take a small amount of the wool stuffing and put it between the yellow and white circle. Fresh eggs have big, plump yokes! This is a great time to make use of those little hands that I am sure are eagerly waiting to help you!
Once the yoke is stuffed to your liking, finish sewing up the yellow circle. Now, pin the two white circles together and once again use the blanket stitch (with the white embroidery thread) to sew the two halves together. Before completely closing the halves together, stuff a bit more wool into the egg.  The wool may buckle slightly as you sew the two circles together but that will only add to that real egg look!
Now you are done! Fry up your egg...
and enjoy!


  1. Fantastically Tasty!!!

  2. this is precious...thanks for sharing this!

  3. Hi Ariana! I love your fried egg :)


  4. me encanta!! voy a probarlo

  5. great tutorial! Thanks. I'm looking to expand up my daughter's kitchen stuff. Thrifting and now sewing. :-)

  6. Making this for my girl for Christmas... thanks for the lovely tutorial!


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