25 February 2010

it's raining, it's pouring.

It's snowy and rainy here. So we've been squeezing plump oranges for juice,
laughing at this Japanese paper ballon monkey,
celebrating the beginning of maple sugaring season by finishing off our second gallon of local syrup and thinking that maybe next time we should really get three gallons (this picture was taken on a sunny day before the Great Rains, but really our syrup is helping us make it through!),
trying to keep milk cool when our power fails and being thankful for snow and ice to do just that,
marveling at the invention of electricity when it finally comes back on, and day dreaming just a wee bit about spring with the help of newly opened, purple irises.


  1. I really love your photographs. They always make me smile!

  2. I just love looking at your photos - they always brighten my day! Thanks!


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