04 March 2010

wee acorn top and shell candles.

The other day I slipped on my raincoat to discover not one but two pockets full of shinny, golden acorns all missing their top hats. The day probably called for my big, fluffy winter coat but I have been feeling eager to shed a few layers of clothing and I was just sending out a little message that really it is time for spring to come! Anyway, I was glad about my choice because it reminded me of my stash of acorn top hats that my son and I gathered in the fall and that I had stored away in jam jars in our cup board. So, later in the day I made a few of these wee acorn top and shell candles. It is not a child's project as it involves flames and hot wax, but I do think they can be gifted to an older, fairy-loving child. They are simple to make::
First, you cut a bit of extra wick from a candle. Then you light a candle (any color will do!) and tilt it just enough so that the wax drips slowly into the shell or acorn top. When it is full to your liking let the wax set a bit and then place the little bit of wick into the center. You may need to hold the wick in place for a minute or two until the wax hardens enough to hold it up on its own. There! Now you are done! 
P.s. These would make a nice addition to the Pine Cone Fairy I shared awhile back. Oh,and I don't usually light the candle. Just for the picture!

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