19 April 2010

good oats!

Each morning, in our little family, we gather around our old dining table, light our candles and indulge in big warm bowls of oatmeal. It is quite a treat and such a nice way to begin the day. When evening approaches we come together again for a meal and a lovely circle has been completed. 
Oats are so hearty, good for you and most importantly delicious! I soak mine the night before in half of their cooking water along with two tablespoons of yogurt. Soaking the oats softens them so by morning they cook in no time flat, really five minutes or less. The yogurt helps in the process of lacto-fermentation which aids in bringing out all of the oats beneficial nutrients making them more accessible to the body.  I cook the oats with a pinch of salt and maple syrup.  Once they are done, I let them rest a bit with plenty of butter melting on top. They are particularly good when we add things like roasted almonds, small wild blueberries and cinnamon. I like them too with apples and raisins! 
This cookbook is really wonderful and it is where I found the basic oat recipe!


  1. YUM! Oatmeal actually sounds good to me right now:)

    God Bless

  2. That looks might tasty!

  3. oooh so good!

    We start our morning off together with brans,oats,blue berries,appel and yoghurt.But I will have to try your idea.

    nice blog you have!!


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