12 April 2010


Oh, we have been busy:: getting ready to celebrate many special birthdays, baking and eating a lot of sweet bread in the shape of one plump, happy pony, visiting with new duckings and traveling to a friends farm at the very top of a very windy hill, delighting in a fluffy white dog who really belongs in a fairy tale, wishing he could come home with us and telling myself that really we do not need a puppy quite yet, and being called out of doors as much as possible by the sounds of frogs singing in our fish pond, our hens still happily eating grass even as night falls, the bright green of freshly opened buds and the warm breezes of spring beckoning summer to come. 


  1. Yes, summer is on its way! LOVE your pictures, feel like I've been transported to a different country!

  2. DELIGHTFUL! Those candle sand and rice cakes are darling!


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