27 January 2011

rose bud & straw valentine's garland

Here is a simple craft for Valentine's Day, or for any occasion at that. I tend to like garlands because they add just a touch of holiday cheer without being too over the top (even though that can be good too!)

You will need::

*a nice bunch of dried rose buds :: I had some in the form of loose tea so you may be able to find them at a health food store or co-op) You can also get them here.
*swedish straws from here
*needle and thread

First, decide on a pattern you like. I strung three rose buds between each piece of straw but you can do whatever you fancy! Next, cut the straw to the desired length. Although I used a sharp knife I think a razor would work best. The straw is fragile and can split easily. Finally, string your garland. Poke through the very top of the rose buds (where there is a  little raised soft spot) and then into the hollow straw. I find it is easier if the straw is cut a little bit shorter than the length of the needle so you can push it through the straw and pull it out on the other side with you hand. Make sure to leave some extra thread on each side of the garland so you can tie it some place nice. And there you have it! 

You can find my little Valentine's craft from last year here

The End.


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