05 November 2009

350 Flags.

Our town, small as it is, has been active in it's participation in 350.org, an "international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis...." For the past several weeks, at our local public library, a table was set up with a beautiful assortment of cotton flags. Through out the day, children and adults alike, would embellish a flag with an animal, a wish for the earth, a call to action to help our earth's climate.

In the end, the flags where hung together between pin cherry saplings on our town center. It was so nice to see how each individual flag became part of a larger, community project. How a social call to action was expressed in such an artistic way.

Standing there on a windy, fall, New England day, one could not help but feel a bit hopeful. That a seemingly small project, made in an even smaller town, means something.

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