22 March 2010

Hello! Here we are with the second post of, "a little something lovely". This is where I share something that I love that is made for children. Something that for me, captures the magical essence of childhood and bottles it up into a simple, well-made product for the little ones.

T W O :: d o l l  k i t s

These doll kits are really quite wonderful! You can choose the size of the doll you would like to make as well as the skin tone and the hair color. The pattern for the doll's body is printed on the fabric, giving just the right amount of gentle guidance. If you are very strapped for time (oh, I hope not!) you can even order pre sewn body parts, although I must admit that there is something very special and magical about seeing the doll come into being from beginning to end with your own two hands, even if it does take days longer to make as it did for me! It always amazes me, how even while using the same pattern, no two dolls look alike. They each take on their own character!

Above is the first doll I made for my son when he was a wee little thing. I love the simplicity of their form and of their faces. There is just a gesture of eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks and the rest is left up to the child's imagination. Because they are soft rather than hard plastic they make perfect bed-time companions. It has been such a treat to watch my son's attachment to the doll grow. He is now properly stained with lavender lotion and butter and honey from being fed breakfast! Really, I wish I could ensure that every young child be blessed with a doll of any kind. They are a lovely way for children to learn about the world around them and about themselves.


  1. these dolls are darling:) Thanks for the post (and link)!

  2. These are very nice I can see why you like them!!

  3. Such lovely dolls!! I just bought a Weir kit, thank you!!


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