31 March 2010


Spring, in New England, is like a mischievous little fairy who likes to play tricks on people. One day the sun is out clear and warm, we take off our socks and show our toes to the sun for the first time in months. We start thinking about which sweaters to box up in the attic and excite over how much more space we will have when boots and hats, winter coats and mittens are packed away for the warm months ahead. And then, just as quickly as the sun came out, it gets cold again. The rain comes pouring down, we chop up the last of our wood for the stove and pull out our mittens again. So, while last week we basked is some spring like weather, this week has been cool and raining. Socks still cover our toes and hats still sit happily upon our heads. Oh, but just that little taste was enough to get us a bit giddy at the thought of being warm. We were reunited with the sand box and made the most delicious cupcakes out of sand. We were called to paint the bright colors of the day and open our windows wide! Soon enough our spring will come!


  1. New England? That sounds like the weather we have here in Minnesota:)lol

  2. Same thing happens to us in Alaska, one day last week, Sophie was running around in the yard barefoot - next day three inches of snow! But we can tell spring truly just around the corner, and we're excited!
    Lovely cupcakes -!


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