06 April 2010

mama mia

Awhile back we made delicious homemade pasta from this wonderful cookbook. It is such a nice way to pass some time on a lazy weekend day. All one needs are some fresh eggs and flour so it is easy enough to make on a whim. For us, the process became something of a family affair! From our littlest family member who joyously played in the flour and learned to say, "Mama Mia"! with full gusto, to my own Papa who gently gave me pointers as to how his Mother and the other women is his small, mountainous Italian village used to make it. I love food for this reason. It is a living thing, full of stories and history and memories. I felt so close with my Grandmother, who passed away long ago, as I kneaded the dough and wiped flour on my apron. I loved too that my own young son was becoming part of that long chain of food and tradition and memories being passed down from one generation to the next. 

P.s. For those who do not have the cookbook you can find the recipe here. It is a variation with basil (which would be divine!) but you can just leave out the basil if you want! 

P.p.s Thanks to my lovely and talented kin for helping me reformat this little old blog of mine! I had been feeling like I needed more space and wanted to be able to post extra large photos. I am still toying with it all a bit to make it just so! Thanks for putting up with me while I do!   


  1. I have never made my own pasta, but have been wanting to try it. I am going to use the recipe you posted and try it. It sounds like you had a fun filled family day!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great day:) I love making stuff from scratch. I made some homemade egg noodles awhile back for chicken noodle soup and my husband loved it.

    God Bless

  3. ooohhh... this makes me want to make more pasta! i think i'm going to try that basil pasta recipe. it looks so delicious. thanks for sharing your pasta post with me. xxx


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